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Thursday, September 23, 2010


To MS2 Participants:

This week I've been trying to allow all particpants in Museum Studies the opportunity to Twitter, however since the site was hacked earlier this week I changed our password in order to ensure our safety on-line. Hope y'all don't mind too much & had the opportunity to experience how the social networking site works, if not already familiar with the process.

I found a place that might be interested in holding a "art reception" for us either the first Friday or second Friday in December, Momo Lolo in Campus West. Please stop by and check it out if you haven't been there before and I think we can fit 6 sculptures or happenings in the space quite nicely. Please understand I'm only offering this up as a suggestion since we had once talked about the coffee shop idea.

I'll be working on the blog some more this weekend to include Amy's ideas that she sent me via e-mail and post a call to artists once I get it approved by Jennie & Karl.

I also created a profile @ Saatchi Gallery On-line under my name & Front Range Community College. I used the same picture I've been using in all our stuff so far, just as an attempt to create some sort of visual identification with the genral public until it changes for the show or if I ever run across someone who is more of a graphic designer than myself. I also used our mission statement ( as it stands right now) for the section where it says "tell us about yourself," because this is suppose to be about us as a community curating, discussing, etc. I just couldn't figure out how to list Museum Studies rather than a single person, so I'll be working that as well.

Please let me know if you have any more suggestions & enjoy your museum experience tomorrow!


  1. After speaking with Jennie I think we'll be editing and changing the blog as a group when we all get together on the 8th of October. So I am holding off for now.

    Can't wait to talk about everyone's ideas for the show!

  2. Saatchi Online profile now reads Museum Studies Fall 2010