Our Mission:

FRCC Museum & Gallery Studies
Fourth Annual Exhibition

Exploring the evolving definition of sculpture
through objects, conceptual ideas and social media

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ideas for the blog:

* Do we need a Facebook page & Twitter account associated with this blog and subsequently our show?

* Individual pages to track each curator & sculptor pairing?

* Please let me know if any of you would like to contribute something, notes or otherwise concerning our   mission statement for the show/ blog

Thanks Ladies!


  1. I think this may not be needed. Perhaps we create a FB event, near the date of the exhibit. I do not think we need to tweet to get the job done!

  2. I like an FB event page. I'm also forming a contribution to our evolving mission. Should i post directly on the blog KDubb or email to you first?

  3. Twitter account has been added, just as an experiment to see how big we can go with this and explore the idea of "info-tainment" as Laura put as means to both educate and engage our audience, which I feel still needs to be more defined. Or are we as a class still waiting to see how it might define itself? The Twitter account is http://twitter.com/SculptureIdeas

    Also I changed my password for this account so that we don't have others signing in as me, now that most of the class is signed up as contributors. For those apprehensive of making an account we can choose an alias but I think we should all edit our profiles so that we can use this as a professional reference (putting it on a resume)in the future once the show, class and exhibit close. My hope is that the discussion will continue and I'd like this blog to be professional as possible in the way we present ourselves.