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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Object, No Object: Sculpture of Ideas

I will try to define our ideas behind the theme of the exhibit and summarize what was said at our last class meeting. Of course this will continue to evolve as the show comes together. We discussed our mission and how it may dictate our choice of venue and theme. It was concluded that we want to offer educational opportunities through art interpretation and presentation via 'info-tainment' and try to raise the consciousness without offending anyone. By presenting an experimental exhibit, contrasting both mediums, the traditional (object) and the digital/simulated (non-object) we could get the audience to think about how it 'sees' art and especially contemporary art.
Loveland is certainly well known for its sculptural arts, with the big show in the August and the number of sculptors and forges in the area. 3-D works are also very obviously objects, occupying space as they do. To play off these long held notions, and local traditions, (and hoping to secure the Art Lab Loveland as our venue), we will present the same sculptural works we chose to include, as non-objects as well; so each piece in the exhibit will actually consist of two parts, the object and the non-object interpretation. This will be accomplished through a collaboration between the sculptor and the curator, (six pairs).
I can forsee many options of intrepretating the objects, with sound, light, text, spoken or recorded words, space, performance etc. By seeing an object and an abstraction of that object, how does one gain perspective about the art? By considering the various ways of looking at objects, do we as viewers gain knowledge of the same object and a new way of thinking about art? Time will tell...


  1. Laura,
    Thank you so much for your ideas; they are truly appreciated! I hope to have an intro. in place by Saturday, giving everyone some time to contribute, if they choose.

    Also, I'd really like to explore the idea of sound as sculpture, not to take away from anyone's idea for the 6 pieces that will eventually be part of the exhibit and perhaps compile a collection of samplings, ideas, etc. as perhaps a seperate page on the blog. I would value your opinion on this idea as well.

    Can't wait to see you all next Friday in class!


  2. So the ArtLAB Loveland is a no go,
    already booked for the gallery walk in December,
    we are looking into other options,

  3. How 'bout using the student center at FRCC? Or at least part of it, like a conference room or something...can't we book those? Is that a viable option? I can't imagine it would cost us anything.

  4. In discussing our exhibition with a prospective contributing sculptor, all the logistical questions come up - when, how to get the pieces there, who will come and how to advertise, and of course where..hopefully we can iron/sculpt/mold some of the answers tomorrow :o) Cathy S.

  5. please bring in your names and contact information for sculptors this week.

    Also, if we do a one day happening a conference room at FRCC may be the perfect place....