Our Mission:

FRCC Museum & Gallery Studies
Fourth Annual Exhibition

Exploring the evolving definition of sculpture
through objects, conceptual ideas and social media

Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Do List:

1. Put everyone on as administrators. (invitations sent, please check e-mail)

2. Blog will be used by all curators as real time conversations to document process of exhibition. i.e all on line conversations concerning show will be on blog so all can read and participate. This documentation may be used as part of exhibition.

note: Kathy M will start by participating in conversations on line, just logging onto site. She will participate as administrator within the next two weeks.

3. New blog title: Object, No Object: Sculpture of Ideas

This is the title of the exhibition (done)

4. Looking at Loveland Artlab - Laura and Aimee ( will let us know, via blog)

5. Each curator works with one sculptor to explore topic

6. Looking at Lucy Lippard's Dematerialization of the Object - Kathy ( will let us know,via blog)

7. Remember general laws of courtesy when blogging.( not that others who blog do...I am holding curators to a higher standard)

8. Everyone sends K Dub their stream of conscious notes from 9/4 class ASAP. K-Dub uses these to put together an opening statement for the blog that talks about the curatorial philosophy/mission/inspiration going into the project. All need to view this on line and make addition's subtractions online as administrators.

9. First Choice for sculptors will be graduate students from CSU Sculpture dept. ( we can expand this to other three dimensional work)

10. Contact Keith to see if he is interested - Jennie ( will let you know on blog)

12. One piece of work is created ( or not) based on the theme for each pair.Curator and sculptor work together conceptually. There should be a size limitation. We can think on that.

13. Be sure we all sign up to get the blog so we can see postings as soon as they arrive.

14. Please post this on the blog.  (check)


  1. Looks great! Love the background! Cathy S.

  2. I remember the group discussing issues with contemporary art - most importantly
    the hot button of whether an actual object is required in art today..

    You (Kathy W) brought up the idea of ONLY having an online exhibition with no physical
    location. Art would be all media, or we would possibly discuss the requirement of use of the object for
    art to be successful.

    In our contemporary art appreciation class during the summer, we looked at various forms of
    contemporary art including but not limited to performance art - Marina Abramovic - using one's body to convey something;
    art involving time/space and the impermanence of creations -Andy Goldsworthy;
    Video art and using technology to create environments and
    illustrate concepts not here to fore available because of limitations of materials- Bill Viola,
    Rirkrit's concepts of creating a space for community to occur - that the gathering of people WAS the art - a bit of consciousness raising;
    and other artists who used unlikely materials - gunpowder, or whose audience was not human - Lynn Hull's environmental sculptures.

    This class lead the three of us - Thalia, Kathy M. and myself to define contemporary art as more than the object - it is more
    an expression of a state of being, a thought, an energy, a concept, or a situation. It is not creating art for the expression of artisan ability,
    although it can be, if it is done from that particular point and purpose by the artist.

    This lead us to the quandary of whether there is a need for an object in defining what is art. The object may not be physical, it may be a concept..
    is it then an object in the true sense of the word? Is it possible to have art which is conceptual but not physical - as in the blog?

    At a time when society seems to revolve around media...twitter, blogs, MySpace, Facebook...is the human going through a transition to a world without 'things'?
    is our current society a reflection of the baby boomers who basically had every conceivable 'thing' and have discovered they are not the point?
    Or the children of the boomers who won't have that lifestyle, and feel perhaps emotionally void because things replaced people in their childhood?
    will their art be at all centered around an actual physical object or is it about connections between people - ala twitter?

    Is art needing to be an incredible ability to work with materials? In our world that is so very technologically connected, and art is becoming
    the sharing of media images of what one creates, who will own art? is there a need to? will a need for galleries cease to exist? In my personal
    view, will what computer you have, or however one obtains the ability to view media, become THE most important thing in life?
    Will Fahrenheit 451 with its large screen interactive TV into every house become the reality? It was the ONLY thing on the walls in the dwelling!
    and it was omnipresent - like our cell phones..live conversations are challenging because the other party is talking with unseen people on their phones,
    who aren't sharing a conversation with YOU! And yet, this ability to get another's attention at the click of a button is intriguing, and engrossing.

    And lastly, which I think is the point of our exhibition - is HEY People! do you see what is happening? do you care? do you want to make
    a CONSCIOUS choice about how this is going to play out? What are we losing by going 'media' centered? HAVE we lost anything?
    Can we create an exhibition which will demonstrate or provide a situation/space/means for the public to look at this possibly overlooked
    facet of our current living and know what they think/feel/see? If we do succeed, will it have value to the greater world?
    and how better to tell them about it than through a blog!

    And this is how we came to be using this blog, I believe..

    Cathy S.

  3. Excellent.

    Great question. Do you want to make a conscious choice about how this is going to play out?

    I would add, What does that leave us to contribute as artists, curators, theorists...
    what is the aesthetic of this adventure?