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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How would you define Contemporary Art?

I don't like much Contemporary Art to be honest.

I am a member of Generation X, just so you have some idea of what filters may be clouding my perspective, and I find myself struggling to find exhibitions and/ or artists that speak to my direct experience of growing up with MTV, microwavable dinners, divorced parents and Madonna while simultaneously acknowledging the impact of 9/11 and the socioeconomic and political aftermath it had on all of us the world over.

My senses are routinely assaulted with flash images, sound bites and video clips however my intellect is crying out to be stimulated. I can name only a handful of artists who currently meet this criteria; so where are the exhibits that are informative, educational, socially aware and  directly responsible to the communities in which we serve while paying due respect to the timeline and heritage that precede their efforts?

I've heard the contemporary age of art referred to as "post post-modern" or even "hyper-modern", but how would all of you define it?


  1. K-Dub, This is a wonderful essay that sums up beautifully the generation to which I also subscribe. To me, labeling the art of today is very problematic because we are still using the out dated labels of yesteryear. The art of Jackson Pollock is often called contemporary,but it occured 70 years ago! How contemporary is that? Hyper-Modernism might fit best but perhaps only time can tell.

  2. See the blog posting about the "Delta Moment", and my thoughts on classifying contemporary art in our times. http://thecontemporaryfluid.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/the-delta/