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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have been looking at the Loveland Feed and Grain as a possbile venue for Object, No Object. Sounds like they would be great to work with! The space is really interesting lots of possibilities and lots of work. Here are some specs...

Hi Jennie. Thanks for the email!
I would be more than happy to help you with your project and I can work with the owner to get the dates worked out.
There are few hurdles to keep in mind:
_________________________________1. We have done exhibits in there before:
Since then however, the owner of the building has moved a lot of furniture into the main rooms that you see in those pictures. We would need to move the furniture and and clean the main rooms. It would take a lot of work to get the rooms ready again.
_________________________________2. Lighting is always a challenge because electricity is always a challenge. We always scrape by with Christmas and construction lights, but it is definitely not museum quality.
_________________________________3. The building has no heating or insulation. December would be a very cold time to exhibit. The shows that we have done there were in October, and even that was pushing it.
_________________________________4. The room that is best for displays has some pretty severe leaks in the roof. When we have snowstorms, then sunshine, which often happens in December, we often have waterfalls.
_________________________________5. There is a lot of wildlife in the building (cats, raccoons, and skunks). We have left artwork in there before, but it is something of which to be aware.
Also, it is difficult to really lock the building up all that well. Security is always an issue._________________________________6. Events at the building are always a little more difficult than other buildings because the Feed and Grain does not meet modern fire safety standards. Usually this limits the number of people that can be in the building to 50.
I'll help you if you really want to try to make it happen. Let me know what you think.


  1. OMG, this sounds like a nightmare! ha! but perhaps it's perfect for a "live UStream broadcasted space spectacular happening", (and hopefully we will get waterfalls)!
    It is Totally Possible, but we would have to spend some $$ to cover the comfort and viewing issues. (light and heat must be there) Security issues can be overcome by having it be a one night only thing, but we need to find a way to allow more people. Hard to say until we see it.
    Do we really need a space? or can we commit to going purely virtual? See www.adobemuseum.com for precedent...it is a virtual Museum of Digital Media, opening October 2010 with Tony Oursler.
    I think the virtual museum is a great idea, at least for digital media, and LOVE Tony Oursler and can't wait to see the exhibit.
    BUT, I find the architects' ideas stuck in the tangible world when considering their design. Why is it so hard to detach from our literal surroundings and perceive a non-space space?

  2. Definitely something to ponder the real space vs. virtual space; can't wait to hear what everyone's thoughts are when we get together Friday! (I am so grateful to be working with such wonderfully talented & insightful women BTW it's a real shame I usually have to leave an hour into discussions...something I'm trying to work out.)