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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Understanding & Our Progress:

The other participants in this project and I met today to discuss how to move forward with the idea of our exhibition, "Object, No Object." Given the title, it is fair to say the discussion was equally fractured; opposing and contradictory ideas spring to mind just contemplating how to properly curate a very tangible and yet completely conceptual show. Our dialogue could not progress unless we first recognized how a parallel disconnect had also emerged in the current art world(s) and art market(s).

This is also why there is another part to the title of our exhibit "Sculpture of Ideas." It is our attempt to engage in an emerging conversation of what drives interest, audience and the artist. Which is more important the product (object) or the recognition of the process (non-object)? This very question, I believe, is the crux of where the current debate sits among artists, critics and academics alike. I also believe as curators it is our sole responsibility to present the discourse, not only in a visually stimulating manner, but also without bias.

The delegation of duties and basic logistics, such as the space, were eventually hammered out. However because of the difficulty we are having trouble articulating our curatorial perimeters given the nature of how we are tackling this debate (which is in an exhibit) ; the statement, artist call and invitations will eventually develop once we all have had a chance to meditate on the various ways to approach this topic.

We are not only curating concurrent on-line and site/time specific exhibits but also hopefully facilitating a public dialogue about the very nature of contemporary art, it's direction, and the commentary it makes on a digitally enhanced, hyper-modern society.

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  1. Aptly put KW! Lets use some of this for our Exhibition Statement?