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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Loveland Museum Incident Results in Arrest over Controversial Piece:

Please leave your comments about this incident. We'd love to know your thoughts...


  1. Loveland - whats in a name? Gotta wonder if the perpetrator spent one moment considering her destination!
    I began considering what happened in terms of principles, property rights, religious issues,
    and found I came around to what we have been studying about museums..Museums as forums for the presentation of current issues and ideas. The BOD and director of the Loveland Museum were willing to put this controversial piece on display there. This took courage. Whether you love or hate the work, the Museum is making a statement about the right to freedom of speech. One can choose to NOT go to the museum if they disagree, even picket the place, but we all need to support the right to express ones views. Our instructor has said that works of art are political, and choosing what to put in an exhibit is a political act. The Loveland Museum has taken a step from being a local museum with a local flavor, towards becoming a forum for our area, a venue for stimulating dialogue about who we are, and what we believe. In quiet Loveland. Here here!

  2. Yes, I only wish they would replace the work, (thankfully it was a print) so the act of vandalism would not be so successful in its censorship. She had her own agenda, and is no less valid, I applaud her for her 'motivation of action', even though it was illegal. Now she pays the price, and probably due to budgetary reasons, (who would pay for security) the Loveland and Northern Colorado community and the rights of freedom of speech will pay a price as well.

  3. well now an interesting issue is raised.

    what is being said by an artist (Enrique Chagoya)
    when they create a work that counters their original image.