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Monday, October 11, 2010

All that glitters..... isn't all diamonds

For those of you who have been watching the HirstDamien saga. A colleague of mine who is also working with and researching social media as the part of their practice sent the following:

"I bought something from the website (total with shipping $3.55 USD) - and the payee on the account was andraz begus, who I googled of course. He is indeed an unknown Slovenian artist. So this would require Hirst to do a rather elaborate double agent type of impersonation. I just don't think he would bother with that merely to chat with the hoi polloi. He would have to be shockingly bored with his life of untold wealth and would have to be vastly different from the person he seems to be to go to those lengths... IMHO. And I think this guy has done a pretty good job of appearing like Hirst's less evil twin...."

"did a little digging on the @hirstdamien Twitter account and found out it is being maintained by Andraz Begus, who is indeed from Slovenia."




  1. So this Andraz Begus is using DH's name to create a sort of performance work? I can not imaging the real DH would allow it to happen, unless he was somehow involved. (but I will not suppose to understand his motivations)
    What better form of flattery than imitation and appropriation? @hirstdamien tweeted about a free give away, and I received the signed postcard (for free!), #365/1,000,000 edition. Seems like the gig is up for poor Andraz,

  2. In the words of Lucy Lippard this is both "art as idea and art as action," in my opinion.

  3. Regardless of who it actually is, the question is the same; are you interested in owning a DH trademark piece or the actual work of art, the process or the product? I believe his intent is the same as ours, to engage in the emerging discourse of what drives the artist, the audience and the market. Mission accomplished!

    Please see the Slovenian artist's two links which are posted in conjunction with this project for further information. The first on our Facebook page under "Appropriation at its best" and the second link under the Damien Hirst post. I personally believe that the exchange we are having at the moment is, in a nutshell, the essence of what we are aiming to exhibit in December.

    However, the British artist Damien Hirst has also been extended an invitation to our show (via my personal Facebook account). Thought it was only fair to give him the opportunity to respond.

    If you are interested in owning a trademarked piece designed by the British Damien Hirst visit one of these websites: http://www.damienhirst.com/ or

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  5. (Revised) Open Letter to the Contributors:

    What the heck is the “HirstDamien” saga? Are you are referring to the British artist who has become famous appropriating other people’s work or his unknown Slovenian counterpart? To me the idea of someone appropriating the name of the infamously wealthy appropriator is epically genius!

    To be honest I am extremely disappointed you’ve unmasked the lone ranger of art activism here. His intention is to poke fun of the art market and those who buy art just because of the name and branding (in this case) associated with it. I look at his work as extremely satirical and necessary in the world of contemporary art. And if you notice on his blog British Hirst is no longer the sole target; Banksy has joined the ranks of those being parodied.

    The only “saga” here was the one that was created by first posting an entry on the homepage entitled “All that glitters…” instead of as a comment to the previous Hirst entry, where it would much more appropriate to the true intention of this blog. (I am under the assumption that criticism was welcome otherwise this page wouldn’t be open to comments!?!)

    From the perspective of the outsider, creating controversy where there is none is marketing gold, and a time honored tradition in advertising. To all those who buy the work, you’ve become part of the point being made, have no shame and display the work proudly. And to the editor(s) of this blog; thank you for presenting both sides equally. The associated Facebook page showed the very meaning of appropriation to the public and did so spectacularly. I would also like to applaud you for standing up, and inviting both artists to the same show. Ethical kudos to you!!!

    Happy Learning!!!

  6. Yes, well informed critical opinions are always welcome!!